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This site is constantly revised and expanded to reflect up-to-date practical information. We strive to produce the most current information about regional NGOs, relief & development projects, as well as, direct links to hundreds of pertinent Internet sites. Visitors' comments and suggestions are encouraged.


AzerWeb is an Internet and Intranet web-site (on-line information system) developed to promote dialogue and information sharing within the humanitarian and commercial sectors of Azerbaijan.

AzerWeb is maintained and operated by the "Save the Children" till January 2001, when it was devolved to Open Society Institute - Assistance Foundation Azerbaijan. AzerWeb was originally envisioned as the Azerbaijan component of the United Nation Department of Humanitarian Affairs (UNDHA) effort to expand ReliefWeb, an online information system.

Discussions on the AzerWeb project began in early 1995 and included representatives from USAID, MC, SCF, UN Development and Relief Agency, IRC, RI, CARE, WV, UN and DHA.

AzerWeb was designed to be utilized as a tool in strengthening the reliability and timeliness of information dissemination that supports the work of humanitarian and development agencies in Azerbaijan. Since most information found in AzerWeb is voluntarily supplied by the agencies themselves, sometimes augmented by data from other sources, OSI-AF does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the information nor does it necessarily endorse any view point that might be expressed by another organization.


Latest News
This section provides the news concerning humanitarian sector and not always directly provided by the humanitarian organizations.

The Directory of the organizations. It is possible to find the contact information of the organization through an index located on the first page of a portal. Here you can find the information on activity of the organization in Azerbaijan, its key staff, various documents concerning activity and so forth.

Recent Additions
This section contains last 15 additions of a portal.

Main Links
Main Links contains links to pages with information of organizations, including:

  • Humanitarian Activity
    It is possible to familiarize with activity of the Humanitarian organizations in Azerbaijan here. By clicking the "Organizations" link opposite to the name of sector there is a list of the organizations working in the given sector appears on page. The projects link transfers to page with the projects, which are carried out by the organizations within the frameworks of the given sector.
  • Donors
    The list of organizations, which offer assistance with the humanitarian projects organization.
  • Program Descriptions
    The section contains the description of programs and projects carried out in Azerbaijan, with the indication of a starting date and sector in which the program will be carried out and so forth.
  • Activity Maps
    On maps of activity it is possible to follow projects carried out in Azerbaijan in the period since 1991. Location of offices of the registered Organizations in a portal are available here.
  • Meeting Minutes
    Reports on the meetings carried out among representatives of humanitarian sector.
  • Reports and Assessments
    Reports, news, bulletin and strategic documents.
  • Press releases
  • Events and Announcements
    Documents with the information of events and announcements of members-organizations of AzerWeb.
  • Vacancies
    Vacancies of the organizations of AzerWeb members.
  • Job seekers
    This section is developed for people who are looking for work. Each interested person, having filled the form, can leave the resume for its later displaying in this section.


What does the registration in a portal give?

  1. The organizations, which past registration are able to add the information to the Internet without involving the experts. Within the frameworks of AzerWeb the place in the portal for location the information on activity organization with the address of type the (where "name" often abbreviation name of organization) of the organization is allocated(for example
  2. The information about organization activity is reflected in the Directory of the Humanitarian Organizations free-of-charge extending in the Internet.

Who can be registered in portal AzerWeb?

Any organization functioning in Azerbaijan and working in humanitarian sector can be registered in AzerWeb portal.

How to register the organization in the AzerWeb portal?

To register your organization in AzerWeb you should:

  1. fill out the form which is presented here:;
  2. send the letter to with
  • brief description of activity of organization
  • recapitulate partners organizations

What is more?

After registration process, the organizations obtain the PASSWORD. The organization gets the opportunity to edit, add and delete the information about itself. For more information please read here.


  1. Sections
  2. Formats of the data
  3. Loading, editing and deleting documents.

After successful authentication process user gets to the page of editing the information. On the left part of page there is a menu consisting of the following sections.

Program Descriptions
Key Staff
Reports and Assessments
Meeting Minutes
Events and Announcements
Press Releases

Forms of these sections allow to add, edit and delete the publication, which then appears on a portal home page.

Program Descriptions
programs and projects implemented by the organization.

offices of the organization. Be especially attentive when you are completing this form. The data will be displayed in the Directory of the organizations.

Key Staff
key workers of the organization. Be careful filling the given form. The data will be displayed in the Directory of the organizations.

Reports and Assessments
bulletins, digests, news, reports and strategic papers.

Meeting Minutes
reports on held meetings between the members of organizations.

Events and Announcements

Press Releases

announcements of competitions on receipt of grants

photos from the activities arranged by the organizations.
For publication of photos it is necessary

  1. To create new gallery, specifying the name and date of event to which it is dedicated.
  2. Press the "Edit images" link opposite the gallery name for adding photos

announcements of vacancies


Files allowed to loading should satisfy some requirements.
It is desirable to give the name of files in the lowercase.

Incorrect Correct
IndEx.HtML index.html

Extension of files, which can be loaded onto a portal

Extension of documents: *.htm, *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
*.zip - the archive can consist of *.htm or *.html files containing links to other files of the archive.
The sizes of documents should not exceed 1 megabyte

Formats of pictures: *.gif, *.jpg, *.png
The sizes of pictures should not exceed the 100 kilobyte

Loading, editing and deleting the information in a portal.

Loading new documents
To load new document it is necessary

  1. To define to what section given document (press release, report, newsletter, etc.) concerns
  2. To Enter the given section and to fill out the form
  3. To specify a file, previously prepared for loading (html, doc, pdf) if required.
  4. To submit the form.

Editing the documents, which are already presented in a portal.

To change the information published in a portal it is necessary:

  1. to enter section in which this information is presented.
  2. In the table located in the bottom of a page to find a line with the information requiring change.
  3. To press "EDIT" link at the end of the line (The information from a line is transferred to the form).
  4. Then, in the form to make necessary changes.
  5. To submit changes.

Removal of the information.

To remove the information from a portal it is necessary:

  1. to enter the section in which this information is presented.
  2. In the table located in the bottom of a page to find a line with the information requiring removal.
  3. To mark the box form in the beginning of the line.
  4. To press "Delete Selected" button, located under the table.
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