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 Events ans Announcements Date
Terms of Reference Undertaking Comprehensive Review of the Azerbaijani legislation from the perspective of Access to Justice for Children18.02.2014
Terms of Reference for National Consultant to manage development of a National Strategy for Children 2015-202012.02.2014
Terms of Reference Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Study among local government and justice/law enforcement professionals about the Access to Justice for Children reforms in Azerbaijan26.02.2014
Terms of Reference for National Consultant to manage development of a National Strategy for Children 2015-202007.03.2014
TERMS OF REFERENCE for the consultancy to support UNICEF and Ministry of Emergency Situations in implementation of Disaster Risk Analysis exercise08.05.2014
CALL FOR PROPOSALS for development and implementation of School Management Training for Potential School Principals to support Ministry of Education?s School Management Reforms06.06.2014
?Potensial mekteb direktorlarina mektebin idare edilmesi uzre telim kursu? ucun namizedlerin secilmesine dair MUSABIQE08.09.2014
TOR for Consultancy ? To support UNICEF in creating maps in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as part of the Disaster Risk Analysis exercise15.10.2014
Call for proposal local NGOs and CBO (community based organizations) on planning, facilitation and organization of social mobilization campaign to promote sanitation and hygiene education practices among children and young people in the selected 27schools15.10.2014
TOR for Consultancy - Access to Justice for Children15.10.2014
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Cleaning and Maintenance Services24.10.2014
Terms of Reference Undertaking Legal Review of the National Guideline, standards and protocols on social advocacy to realize the rights of children in Azerbaijan31.10.2014

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