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2018 2019 2020

 Events ans Announcements Date
RFP for web page development under GCP/AZE/018/EC project06.07.2020
ITB for Firewall, Core Switch and Printers17.01.2020
Production of promotional materials (only local companies can participate)27.01.2020
Printing promotional materials (only local companies can participate)05.02.2020
ITB for Procurement of Local and International Cow Breeds07.02.2020
Arrangement of venue, including accommodation and conference room facilities, for AMAL Winter Academy during 23 February 2020 – 1 March 2020 in Lankaran, Azerbaijan (only local companies can participate)19.02.2020
Office stationary and Cleaning Supplies (only for local suppliers)14.02.2020
Beehives, Bee colonies and beekeeping equipment20.02.2020
Invitation to Bid for procurement of notebooks/laptops and plotter04.03.2020
Provision of support to hazelnut growing activities for the target beneficiaries at project pilot regions under alternative income sources component16.03.2020
RFQ for Pruchase of HP, Xerox and Canon Toner Cartridges08.04.2020
RFQ on procurement of cucumber and tomato seeds under GCP/SEC/011/GFF (POPs) project through In-Tend Tendering Platform.04.05.2020
Procurement of genset with spare parts under GCP/AZE/007/GFF project03.05.2020
Request for Proposals for procurement of Video shooting under UTF/AZE/010 project and Video shooting and production on raising consumer awareness of various sheep products in Azerbaijan under UTF/AZE/009 project through In-Tend Tendering Platform.06.05.2020
Invitation to Bid for purchase and installation of greenhouse for nursery modernization under the “Forest Resources Assessment and Monitoring to Strengthen Forest Knowledge Framework in Azerbaijan” project (GCP/AZE/007/GFF)07.05.2020
Procurement of Agricultural Tractor and Aggregates02.06.2020
ITB for Procurement of Agro-meteorology weather stations09.07.2020
RFQ for procurement of “Office stationary and cleaning supplies”13.07.2020
ITB announcement/Purchase and installation of irrigation, drainage system and pumping systems (including electricity supply lines) for nursery production area under GCP/AZE/007/GFF project18.07.2020
ITB: Procurement of 4WD vehicle (SUV) (2020/FEAZE/FEAZE/106209)19.07.2020
ITB announcement/Purchase and planting Hazelnut (Corylus avellana) seedlings under GCP/AZE/007/GFF project16.07.2020
ITB: Procurement of Livestock feed (2020/FEAZE/FEAZE/106264)10.08.2020
ITB: Procurement of Office Furniture18.08.2020
Invitation to Bid for purchase and installation of greenhouse01.09.2020
RFQ: Procurement of Camera, Camera Accessories, Printer, and Tablets (2020/FEAZE/FEAZE/106619)09.09.2020
Invitation to Bid for procurement of garden hand-tools under GCP/AZE/007/GFF project.14.09.2020
Invitation to Bid for procurement of drone with cameras under GCP/AZE/007/GFF project.16.09.2020

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