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 Events ans Announcements Date
pre-solicitation notice for Life Insurance contracts for U.S. Embassy Baku28.01.2015
The Embassy of the United States in Baku has a solicitation to provide life insurance services to the locally employed staff of the US Mission in Baku, Azerbaijan02.04.2015
Request for Quotation (RFQ) number413006905.03.2015
Maintenance supplies and parts including but not limited to construction materials, tools, plumbing and electrical supplies and parts, various bathroom and kitchen accessories etc27.03.2015
The US Embassy Baku is looking for companies providing car repair services for vehicles of various brands25.03.2015
The US Embassy Baku invites all companies that have experience in providing waste management services to take part in a tender03.04.2015
Health and Medical Insurance Services02.03.2015
Advertising for RFQ for acquisition Mitsubishi Pajero09.04.2015
[ Updated ] Advertising for RFQ for acquisition Mitsubishi Pajero25.04.2015
Water Projects under the U.S. European Command's Humanitarian Assistance Program18.05.2015
Tender [The US Embassy Baku invites all car dealers to take part in a tender for acquisition of 1 (one) brand new off-road vehicle Mitsubishi Pajero GLS, 3.8L Gasoline engine, white color]16.06.2015
Announcement [U.S. Embassy Baku Solicitation SAJ20015R0002 Health Insurance for Locally Employed Staff]10.07.2015
Tender [Providing Language Instructional Services]13.07.2015
Tender [Roof Replacement Project]24.08.2015
Tender [Gutter and Downspout Replacement Project]24.08.2015
Announcement [A proposal for the Elevator Replacement Project]19.08.2015
Tender [Procurement of servers and computer equipment]03.09.2015
Tender [Gate Replacement Project]16.09.2015
Tender [Acquisition of 2 cargo vans]11.09.2015
Announcement [Live Auction to sell a 40-foot shipping container]16.09.2015
US Embassy in Baku will hold a live auction to sell USED AUTOMOBILES27.10.2015
The US Embassy Baku is looking for companies capable to provide the U.S. Embassy23.11.2015

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