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 Job - Projects Coordinator responsible for Cluster Community Socio-Economic (EWMI)

 Duration: 15.04.2014 - present


Socio-Economic Development Activity

Scope of Work

Projects Coordinator responsible for Cluster Community Socio-Economic for the period from May through September, 2014

Draft as of March 14, 2014

  • Background


The East-West Management Institute (EWMI), in a strategic partnership with the Baku-based UMID - Support to Social Development Public Union, and the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law (ICNL) is implementing the Socio-Economic Development Activity in Azerbaijan (SEDA), a five-year project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and co-financed by the Government of Azerbaijan. SEDA is implemented in close cooperation with Government of Azerbaijan institutions at the central and local level, starting with the Ministry of Economy and Industry (MoEI), SEDA’s key governmental counterpart, the Council of Ministers, and the State Council for Support to Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as the Executive Committees (ExComs) and municipalities in the regions where SEDA will work. 

SEDA contributes to the advancement of the socio-economic development at the regional level in Azerbaijan by providing support for community-driven socio-economic development projects and strengthening stakeholder participation in setting priorities for socio-economic strategies and programs in the regions. SEDA’s work focuses in Aran, Guba-Khachmaz, and Ganja – Gazakh economic regions. SEDA strives to achieve its goals through the implementation of three complementary components.

Under the first component, SEDA works to: (i) revitalize and establish Community Development Councils (CDCs) in more than 90 rural communities in Aran, Guba-Khachamaz, and Ganja - Gazakh; (ii) strengthen CDCs’ capacity through training, networking, information and experience sharing; and (iii) support 120 socio-economic development projects and 12 cluster projects in these communities. SEDA particularly seeks to support initiatives that develop professional skills of farmers, support agribusinesses, and introduce new practices of public housing management at the community level. 

Under the second component, through a combination of grants and technical assistance, SEDA supports cohesive networks of non-governmental, governmental, and private sector stakeholders that work together on regional socio-economic development initiatives. SEDA reaches out to and supports trade, professional, and farmers associations to advance their agenda and strengthen their organizational and advocacy capacity.

Under the third component, SEDA support efforts by Government of Azerbaijan’s local and central institutions to develop and use an inclusive approach to regional socio-economic development, including preparation of a regulatory framework for local and central level citizen participation, as well as piloting of small scale public private partnerships. At the local level, SEDA works closely with MoEI’s Regional Offices and ExComs. 

  • Cluster Community Socio-Economic Projects (CSEP)


In Year 3, SEDA is planning to support cluster CSEPs that reflect shared economic and social priorities of a number of  target communities and could be submitted by a group of communities (with at least one of them supported previously by SEDA) or by the Working Group on Socio-Economic Development under MEI’s Regional Offices. The cluster CSEPs will go through the same review and approval process as the individual CSEPs.

During May – September 2014, SEDA is planning to implement a total of 5 cluster projects, between for $50,000 - $60,000 each in Aran,Guba-Khachmaz  and Ganja-Gazakh regions. SEDA/UMID team, in preparation for the Year 3 Work Plan, conducted a preliminary assessment of the need for CSEPs that would serve several communities.

The main responsibility of the Cluster Projects Coordinator will be assisting Economic Development Adviser (EDA) in  coordination of all issue related to development, selection, submission, and implementation of 5 Cluster projects in  a period from May through September, 2014.

  • Tasks


Under the direct supervision of EDA, the Cluster projects coordinator will complete following tasks:

  • In coordination with EWMI Cluster Projects Engineer, UMID’s relevant staff and SEDA regional staff coordinate all efforts related to development, review, submission, implementation and monitoring of cluster projects;
  • In coordination with EDA coordinate work of EWMI Cluster Projects Engineer;
  • Coordinate, as needed, the engagement of SEDA’s Environmental Manager in environmental assessment of Cluster projects;
  • Under overall coordination of EDA and with assistance from SEDA’s Cluster Project Engineers to work with UMID in identification of five Cluster projects, prepare the Cluster CSEP Project Technical Description (PTD) folders and submit PTDs for review to the EDA;
  • Provide feedback as needed to the EDA and the Procurement Officer on issues related to the procurement of works and services to implement  Cluster CSEPs;
  • With prior coordination with EDA to coordinate with SEDA’s Regional Directors on all issues related to Cluster CSEPs;
  • Prepare quarterly reports sections on Cluster CSEPs and contribute to the other sections on activities that he/she is engaged with;
  • Assist SEDA’s M&E Specialist in collecting all necessary data regarding Cluster CSEPs.
  • Assist the Public Outreach Specialist in organizing public events and preparing public outreach materials relevant to Cluster Projects;
  • Ensure that all Cluster CSEPs related activities comply with relevant USAID, Government of Azerbaijani, and EWMI laws and policies;
  • Time table for submission of cluster projects


  • May 1 – June 20: identify cluster projects and ensure USAID and MoEI approval in principle
  • June 21 – July 30: prepare PTDs and organize tender for the cluster projects
  • August 1 – September 30: monitor projects’ implementation.


  • Skills/Qualifications: 
  • Degree in Economics or related filled;
  • Minimum five years’ experience in procurement issues within similar projects;
  • Familiarity with national procurement legislation;
  • Good understanding of the regional economic development context in Azerbaijan;
  • Minimum five years’ experience in working with international organizations;
  • Familiarity with community development issues;
  • Understanding of a project technical description development process; 
  • Excellent Communications skills in Azerbaijani and English (both written and verbal);
  • Microsoft Office Skills


  • Deliverables

The Cluster CSEPs Coordinator will provide following deliverables:

  • Five fully prepared Cluster CSEPs for review by SEDA’s EDA for further submission to Offer Review Committee;
  • Monitoring reports on implementations of five Cluster CSEPs;
  • Full and duly executed completion and handover packages for five Cluster CSEPs;
  • Report on implementations of five Cluster CSEPs;
  • Success stories on each of five Cluster CSEPs.   


  • Reporting

The Cluster CSEPs Coordinator reports to EDA and works closely with SEDA’s Cluster Engineer, Environmental Manager, M&E Specialist, Public Outreach Specialist, and Procurement Officer.  

  • Estimated Level of Effort and Timeframe


From May through September,2014 .


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