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 Job - Internship with the Protection Unit of the UNHCR Representation (UNHCR)

 Duration: 03.01.2018 - present

Internships with the Protection Unit of the UNHCR Representation

Baku, Azerbaijan


  • Provide interns with an opportunity to gain practical work experience related to their academic programme or future work in a field related to the UNHCR’s mission;
  • Allow interns to contribute to the work of the international organization and to gain experience of working in a multinational environment.


  • Undergraduate or graduate students studying in the area of law, human rights, political science, international relations, public policy and administration.
  • Excellent knowledge of English, fluency in Azerbaijan and Russian, knowledge of other languages will be an asset.
  • Ability to work fairly, independently and demonstrate initiative and flexibility to effectively benefit from the internship.

Description of tasks:

The Protection intern, working under the supervision of the Associate Protection Officer, will undertake the following functions:

  • Assist in research, preparation and dissemination of country of origin information (COI) and managing COI library
  • Interpret during the counseling sessions with refugees and Refugee Status Determination (RSD)/Resettlement interviews
  • Translate documents and correspondence from English into Azeri/Russian and vice versa.
  • Assist in filing documents submitted by refugees and asylum seekers
  • Provide support in organizing trainings and workshops
  • liaise with individual refugees or refugee communities as required
  • Attend meetings and prepare minutes/notes for the file of the meetings
  • Any other duties as assigned by the supervisor


The minimum duration will be three months and the maximum six months. Interns normally maintain the same working hours as regular staff.


Interns are considered gratis personnel and the period of internship will not be remunerated.

How to Apply

The cover letter and Curriculum Vitae should be sent to . Only if UNHCR wishes to actively pursue your CV, you will be contacted and the date of the interview will be appointed. Once selected, the Internship Agreement will be signed.

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