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 Job - Irrigation and drainage specialist/team leader and irrigation and drainage planning and design engineer/deputy team leader (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Irrigation and drainage specialist/team leader and irrigation and drainage planning and design engineer/deputy team leader

Project duration: International (8 person month), national (12 person month)



  • The specialists will (i) have a bachelor’s degree or above in civil engineering, irrigation, or other related fields;
  • Have at least 15 years of work experience in project development and implementation;
  • Be familiar with ADB’s project processing requirements;
  • Should have demonstrated experience in preparing irrigation and environmental improvement projects with team leadership experience.
  • Understanding Azeri, Turkish or Russian language will be given advantage for the team leader.
  • The team leader will have overall responsibility for the transaction technical assistance (TRTA) coordination and implementation, and the quality of all TRTA outputs.


Specifically, the specialists will:

  1. plan, coordinate, and guide all TRTA activities as team leader and deputy team leader, including ensuring and coordinating the stakeholder participation;
  2. manage the consultant team members, both international and national; and lead in formulating and developing the project design and the feasibility study for the project, including (a) providing a clear and balanced framework and strategy on addressing multiple objectives and trade-offs among multidisciplinary aspects of the project; (b) undertaking rigorous technical, economic, financial, social, and environmental evaluation of the project; (c) addressing cross-cutting areas of concern (resettlement, environment, poverty, social aspects, gender, private sector development, and anticorruption); and (d) ensuring that all the reports compile the reporting outcomes of all consultants into a single, well-integrated document to avoid conflicting statements and/or conclusions;
  3. review the national and NAR governments’ policies, strategies, and programs on irrigated agriculture development and water resources management; and prepare a sector assessment report;
  4. guide the relevant consultants’ work for the Phase 1 to conduct irrigation system performance and hydraulic modeling to identify key weakness of the irrigation system, propose and confirm irrigation and drainage schemes to be included in the project;
  5. conduct stakeholder analysis and problem tree analysis, and develop the project design and monitoring framework (DMF), including identifying performance targets and baseline indicators;
  6. analyze and document lessons learned from the previous projects financed by ADB, other development partners, and the government, and explain how the lessons have been incorporated in the project design;
  7. assess technical due diligence and prepare technical feasibility studies for the entire project and advance design for the irrigation and drainage schemes for first year implementation;
  8. conduct diagnose of salinity problems and identify the solution through drainage, leaching, and/or other measures, including need and type of drainage system, or comparable;
  9. conduct water demand and water balance analyses for the project, assessing potential of water savings by adoption of water conservation irrigation techniques; work closely with the national water resources specialist/hydrologist and the national agronomist for analyzing crop water demand, water balance, and irrigation requirements;
  10. prepare the project implementation schedule and detailed implementation arrangements;
  11. assess the current water loss in the irrigation system and how much of this water loss is expected to be mitigated through the project, how much (value or %) of the existing irrigation will be rehabilitated and modernized;
  12. evaluate arrangements for managing, operating, and maintaining the facilities;
  13. evaluate opportunities for private sector participation and/or public–private partnership in the project;
  14. prepare a detailed work plan; and prepare the inception, interim, draft final, and final reports;
  15. organize and implement training to the executing and implementing agencies; and
  16. ensure that all team specialists work together and share data and conclusions in a timely fashion; and submit all the required reports to ADB and the executing agency.


Alma Consulting is looking for “Irrigation and drainage specialist/team leader and irrigation and drainage planning and design engineer/deputy team leader” expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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