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 Job - Social development and gender /resettlement specialists (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Social development and gender /resettlement specialists

Project duration: International (3 person month), national (4 person month)



  • A university degree or equivalent in social sciences, development studies, or another relevant discipline;
  • At least 7 years of work experience in areas of social safeguards, gender analysis and mainstreaming, analysis of vulnerability of livelihood, and rural development for projects financed by international development partners, preferably international development banks;
  • Experience in Azerbaijan or other Central and West Asian countries is desirable for the international specialist


Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. design, prepare and implement the social surveys, and ensure the surveys are relevant for the project design,
  2. collect secondary data on vulnerability issues, affordability issues, poverty and inequality in the project areas and among the project beneficiaries, their livelihood, and decide on which other social and poverty related issues are needed to analyze;
  3. conduct a poverty and social analysis (PSA) following ADB’s Handbook on Poverty and Social Analysis: A Working Document (2012) and other relevant documents, and internationally recognized best practice, and prepare a PSA report;
  4. in cooperation with other technical specialists and in close consultation with the executing agency and other relevant government agencies: (a) assess possible benefits of the project for local communities and households, (b) prepare project design features and integrate them into the project design to ensure the project benefits local agricultural populations, households, and other people, (c) ensure that poor and vulnerable households, and women, maximally benefit from the project taking into account practical limitations;
  5. based on the PSA and the actions prepared under (iii), prepare a social action plan (SAP) following established formats, laying out project design features to be implemented under the project, and establish baselines, indicators, and targets;
  6. assess how the project can improve gender equality, including an analysis of gender division of labor in the value chains and ensuring general data on social development is collected as sex-disaggregated data, using ADB’s relevant sector gender checklists and toolkits;
  7. in consultation with the executing and implementing agencies, prepare a gender action plan (GAP) based on the requirements of ADB’s Guidelines for Gender Mainstreaming Categories of ADB Projects (2012), laying out project design features to be implemented under the project, and establish what baselines data will be collected, and ensure that measures under the GAP are taken into account for project design, indicators, and targets;
  8. assess projects’ possible land acquisition and resettlement (LAR) impacts, conductinvoluntary resettlement checklist and categorization as resettlement B;
  1. assist the executing and implementing agencies in preparing land acquisition and resettlement plan (LARP) meeting ADB requirements, in particular ADB Safeguards Policy Statement (SPS, 2009), ADB Access to Information Policy (2018), and other relevant policies and guidelines;
  2. prepare the Indigenous Peoples’ checklist and categorization form, and confirm project’s categorization for indigenous peoples as C;
  3. conduct meaningful public consultations with affected households and establish grievance redress mechanism (GRM) in accordance with ADB policies and good practices;
  4. assist the executing and implementing agencies in preparing a concise Consultation and Participation Plan and a stakeholder communication strategy for project implementation, following ADB’s Strengthening Participation for Development Results: An Asian Development Bank Guide to Participation (2012);
  5. assess the adequacy of the institutional capacity of the executing and implementing agencies in managing social risks in the project and proposing measures to address gaps;
  6. contribute to developing the DMF through participatory approach, particularly on identifying proper social and gender indicators and evidence-based gender targets based on SAP and GAP for the DMF; and
  7. undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the team leader.

Alma Consulting is looking for “Social development and gender /resettlement specialists” expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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