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 Job - Hydrologic/Hydraulic (modeling) specialists (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Hydrologic/Hydraulic (modeling) specialists

Project duration: International (3 person month), national (3 person month)



  • A bachelor’s degree in hydrology or a related field;
  • At least 7 years of work experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modelling, and water resources management;


Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. assess the hydrological regime of the rivers in the NAR taking into consideration climate change impacts;
  2. collect data on groundwater use and aquifer characteristics; assess and describe aquifer to the extent that data allows, including aquifer characteristics, thicknesses, parameters, depths to water table and water table fluctuations and trends;
  3. carry out hydrologic and/or hydraulic modelling for the irrigation system in NAR to identify key issues of canal leaking and areas for improvement, and the need for canal realignment or not;
  4. assist in conducting water demand and water balance analyses for the project, including consideration of climate variability and changes, preparation of a medium-term set of supply and demand projections; and assessment of potential water savings by adoption of water conservation irrigation techniques; work closely with irrigation engineer and agronomist for analyzing crop water demand, water balance, and irrigation requirements;
  5. advise on possible conjunctive use of surface and groundwater and identify any possible adverse impact;
  6. conduct hydraulic design of canal system, including hydraulic design of canals and canal structures including gated cross and head regulators, gates, culverts, etc.;
  7. prepare relevant reports to document findings, as well as providing relevant contributions to representative project feasibility studies; and
  8. undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the team leader.

Alma Consulting is looking for “Hydrologic/Hydraulic (modeling) specialists” expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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