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 Job - Climate change specialists (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Climate change specialists

Project duration: International expert (1.5 person month), national expert (2 person month)



  • A university degree or relevant qualification in climate change or related field such as hydrology, water engineering, ecology, or environment, or equivalent;
  • At least 7 years of work experience in agricultural adaptation to climate change and water engineering;
  • Demonstrated expertise in evaluating potential impacts of climate change and making recommendations for climate proofing and adaptation in the water sector.



Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. gather data regarding average, minimum, and maximum temperature, precipitation, physiologically equivalent temperature (PET), relative humidity, soil moisture, runoff, frequency of severe storms, floods and droughts, degree of climate variability for historical timeframes, and compare with projections from climate models for future timeframes relevant to the project. If possible, use data downscaled for the area;
  2. gather data regarding climate change impacts and projections on water availability, water quality, likelihood of flooding, agricultural productivity, and project infrastructure;
  3. calculate projected water availability and sensitivity of infrastructure and agricultural productivity to climate change impacts as specified in (ii);
  4. assess whether the project is feasible under anticipated regional climate change, and that it will have the desired impacts on agricultural productivity;
  5. propose mitigation measures for GHG emissions, if any;
  6. assess options for climate-proofing and adaptation measures for hard and soft project components, including infrastructure, and identify actions that are appropriate, feasible, and effective to help ensure results. Include in the assessment considerations of cultural sensitivities or preferences, costs, difficulty of implementation, time frame to establish, and other factors;
  7. in consultation with the team leader and other experts in the team, estimate the climate change adaption cost for the proposed adaptation measures under the project;
  8. prepare the climate risk and vulnerability report in consultation with other relevant specialists; and
  9. undertake other tasks as assigned by the team leader.

Alma Consulting is looking for “Climate change specialists” expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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