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 Job - Financial management specialist (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Financial management specialist

Project duration: National expert (3 person month)



  • A university degree or above in finance, accounting, or other related fields;
  • At least 10 years of work experience in financial due diligence, including experience with ADB- or World Bank-financed irrigated agriculture development projects;
  • The specialist will be a certified public account or have a recognized professional accountancy qualification, familiar with ADB’s project processing requirements, and have rich knowledge of ADB’s financial due diligence;
  • The specialist will conduct financial due diligence in accordance with ADB’s relevant requirements including Technical Guidance Note (TGN) for financial management assessment (2015), TGN for project financial reporting (2015), and TGN for preparation of cost estimates, and eLearn module for cost estimates preparation and presentation (2014).



Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. conducting a financial management assessment of the executing and implementing agencies, including (a) assessing whether previous financial management assessments have been conducted by ADB or other agencies and, if so, reviewing the results and ascertaining whether these can be used as input; (b) assessing capacity for planning and budgeting, management and financial accounting, reporting, auditing, internal controls, and information systems; (c) reviewing proposed disbursement and funds-flow arrangements; and (d) concluding on the financial management risk rating and identifying and confirming measures for addressing identified deficiencies;
  2. prepare financial projections and conducting financial analyses of the executing and implementing agencies, and incremental recurrent costs, to determine financial sustainability, and reviewing proposed cost-recovery and tariff policies, including affordability;
  3. conduct financial evaluations (financial cost-benefit analyses) including sensitivity analyses of project components that have a cost-recovery objective;
  4. collect and review information on past 5 years O&M budget allocations and expenditures by NAR government to understand the gaps between cost recovery and O&M budget for irrigation and drainage (I&D) systems;
  5. review irrigation tariff levels and its adequacy to cover operation and maintenance costs as well as full cost including capital investment and debt service;
  6. prepare financial projection and develop a financial model using Microsoft Excel or other tools;
  7. where significant risks are identified to project financial sustainability or viability, propose relevant financial performance indicators to be incorporated in financial covenants;
  8. assess and reach agreement on financial reporting, auditing and public disclosure arrangements for the project, and, as appropriate, identify and agree on arrangements for receiving financial statements from executing and/or implementing agencies;
  9. prepare a disbursement schedule including S-curve for projections of contract awards and disbursements;
  10. assist in preparation and agreement of project cost estimates and a financing plan, which are based on verifiable data and are sufficient to support project implementation;
  11. assist in evaluating opportunities for private sector participation and/or public–private partnership in the project; and
  12. undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the team leader.


Alma Consulting is looking for “Financial management specialist expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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