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 Job - Agronomist (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Agronomist

Project duration: National expert (2 person month)



  • University degree or relevant qualification in agronomy, agriculture, or relevant field;
  • At least 7 years of demonstrated experience in agriculture and crop production systems;



Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. review the relevant development strategies for the agriculture sector related to the project area and analyze how these will impact the proposed project;
  2. assess existing practices (soil condition, nutrient management, water use, mechanization, etc.) and productivity of agricultural practices in the project area, and identify key technical constraints and challenges, including farmer’s incentives and participation;
  3. assess the status of and collect required data on the current situation of agricultural technology, development of cooperatives and/or associations and their status, and of small and medium agricultural enterprises as extension service providers in the project area;
  4. review existing water resources and farm management practices for crop production in the project area and propose improvements (soil and nutrient management, water use, etc.) in agricultural modernization to be incorporated in the project design;
  5. collaborate with the agricultural economists, and assist in the financial analysis (cost-benefit analysis) to determine economic viability of the proposed systems;
  6. prepare training materials for water users associations to introduce good farming practices;
  7. assist in carrying crop water demand assessment; and
  8. undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the team leader.

Alma Consulting is looking for “Agronomist expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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