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 Job - Mechanical engineer  (ALMA)

 Duration: 30.07.2020 - present


Company: Alma Consulting

Vacancy: Mechanical engineer 

Project duration: National expert (1,5 person month)



  • A bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or a related field;
  • At least 7 years of practical experience in mechanical engineering design and implementation;


Specifically, the specialist will:

  1. conduct design for mechanical parts of the irrigation systems for the project, including pumps, gates, and other mechanical engineering;
  2. assess the pumping stations and rehabilitation and/or modernization requirements including choice of new pumps (as required), pumping control systems and pipework;
  3. prepare drawings, quantities and cost estimates for required works to feasibility level;
  4. advise on procurement arrangements;
  5. Prepare relevant reports of quality standard to document findings and also provide relevant contributions to representative project feasibility studies; and
  6. undertake other tasks as deemed necessary by the team leader.

Alma Consulting is looking for “Mechanical engineer” expert. Experts are requested to send their CVs to

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